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S’mores Cookies


Last night, after the boys had gone to bed, I decided to try out the s’mores cookie recipe.

I found this recipe here at The Girl Who Ate Everything , an amazing blog with so many yummy sounding recipes.

I followed her directions, except for one thing. In England, they don’t have graham crackers! Gasp! I know! What do all these little children eat with their peanut butter and apple juice?


So I used what I usually use in lieu of graham crackers, which are digestive biscuits. They taste very similiar to graham crackers only they’re round. I’m sure I’ve even seen them starting to be sold at some grocery stores in America.


I also was happy to find that Hershey’s chocolate seems to be much easier to get now then when I first moved to the UK. It’s funny how seeing this packaging instantly makes me happier!


As it was just me last night, I only made four. But don’t worry, I saved the dough to freeze to use for when the next s’mores craving hits!

They turned out amazing though; I love the gooey chocolate and marshmallow combination! And I was good and only ate one and saved the others for Tim to take to work with him. Hopefully he liked them as much as I did!







Colds and Fevers


This last weekend was a bit of a bust.

We had great weather (unusual for England in February!); sunny and in the high 50s.

But our little baby boy wasn’t feeling good. Josh has a cold and most of the weekend was spent checking his temperature and cuddling on the couch and watching tv. Tim even called the doctor last night, who came out just to check on Josh when his temperature kept hovering around 103.

And as much as I hate seeing Josh not feeling well, it was the first night in ages where he let me rock him to sleep in my arms. It was so precious and as I sat there staring down at his peaceful face, it was bittersweet to realise that he is starting to get too big to even lay in my lap anymore…

Today though he seems a bit better, still a fever but nowhere near what it was. Josh and I even managed a quick visit to RHS Wisley this morning.

The butterflies are all gone but we walked around and tried to explore the gardens a bit more. It was pretty cold though so we ended up at the cafe where we had a little lunch and Josh played in the soft play area.

Hopefully he’ll be back to his old self soon!








Butterflies at RHS Wisley


Tim had heard through some other parents that we should make a visit to the Royal Horticulture Society at Wisley, and soon, as they currently are having a butterfly exhibit which only lasts a few more days.

RHS Wisley is basically a massive garden with large lawns and beautifully landscaped areas. It also has a library, garden shop, glasshouse and most importantly 3 cafes, one which even has a soft play area for small children! Perfect for Josh.

It’s only about a ten minutes drive from us so we decided to visit yesterday before the butterfly exhibit closed.


The exhibit was located in the glasshouse, a really beautiful building, and more importantly, warm!


We had to wait in line for about 20 minutes to get in to see the butterflies and it was very busy; I suppose a combination of it being half term and the exhibit coming to a close.

But we did eventually make it inside and were able to see lots of beautiful butterflies. Josh was very good and really enjoyed pointing the butterflies out and watching them float over and around our heads.










“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play.”

Yesterday it was rainy and cold, so in between reading the Cat in the Hat over and over, we found time for some finger painting.




Josh still loves to mash all the paint in his hands and squeeze them together, making a nice “squelching” noise.



But he did end up doing a few nice “blobs” which I’d like to put as pictures on here but they might end up as a gift for a certain Grandma who reads this, so…

Maybe another day.




Saatchi Gallery Outing


As a belated Valentine’s Day gift, Tim took me to the Saatchi Gallery in London yesterday to see the exhibit 50 Years of the Sunday Times Magazine.

It highlighted some of the photographs taken for the magazine over the years, including images all the way from newborn babies to the Vietnam war.

I especially liked this photo of the Apollo 11 landing and took it to show to Josh.


After, we went and explored a bit more of the gallery which was probably far too artsy for Tim and I.



Though Tim seemed to enjoy this piece, which he called a “tea towel holder.” I told you it was way over our heads!


We eventually made our way down to Covent Garden and had dinner at a restaurant there. But on our way, we happened across two very exciting finds.



Chipotle is coming to London and there is a Tutti Frutti on the Strand?!

Best. News. Ever.

Tiny Polaroid Magnets


I made these tiny magnets for Tim for Valentine’s Day using photos from various trips we had taken. I tried to use photos mostly from trips, as Tim would say “PJ” or pre-Josh, so that there would be a nice little reminder of life before a baby right there on our fridge.

I found this project on Ambrosia Creative and her’s are far better than anything I could ever do. Her tutorial even includes a photoshop template. But even without access to photoshop these still turned out really cute and I’m really pleased with them!


One of the apps I have downloaded on my phone (camera+ I think) has a boarder which looks like an instant Polaroid photo, though I’m sure there are others, probably on Instagram too, which let’s you add in text.

Once I had done that, I arranged the images on two 4×6 photos which I just printed at home. I later found this magnetic photo paper which prints photos directly onto them, which if I had it to do over I might have used instead. Either way, it was just a matter of gluing the layers together; photo paper to cardboard, cardboard to magnetic sheets. I then covered them with contact paper, in case Josh gets his hands on them. After that it was just a matter of cutting them all out.



I think the thing that is really nice is that Tim genuinely seems to like them and it’s been fun to look at the photos and say to each other, “remember that time on that trip when…”



Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

I hope everyone had a nice day, full of love, chocolates and flowers. I can’t really say my day was full of those things…

But it was still a nice day.

Josh and I ended up going to meet Tim for lunch at the National Gallery. We had just seen the exhibit Leonardo Da Vinci – Painter at the court of Milan at the National Gallery and were looking forward to going back and exploring more of the museum.


Tim ended up meeting us at Waterloo and we headed to the National Gallery where we had a nice (but quick!) lunch at the restaurant in the museum and then we went to go explore.


I think Josh was a bit too young to appreciate the paintings but I think he greatly enjoyed running around so many big rooms. It was more of a flying tour of the museum as we hurried to keep up with Josh.

Afterwards we went and walked around Trafalgar Square for a bit. As you can see from the Olympic countdown clock, we only have about 191 days left till the Olympics. Pretty exciting. Well that and that summer isn’t too far away.




It was getting pretty cold and past Josh’s nap time so we got the train back, which I think was easily Josh’s favourite part of Valentine’s Day. The boy loves trains…