Hand Tracing


Well, Josh is asleep and Tim is engrossed in Top Gear, so that gives me some time to dive into some of these projects I have set aside…

I swear that I found this idea on Martha Stewart’s website but now of course have no idea where the actual page has gone. The closest one I can find to it seems to be here at Martha Stewart baby hand tracing

I have an image though saved on my phone from Martha Stewart which I’ll post below.

But yesterday we tried to get Josh to sit still long enough to trace his hand. It took a few tries but I think it turned out ok, if a bit oddly shaped in some places where he moved.

The idea is to go back every few months and retrace over the original print, probably in a different colour, to show the change. It’s a cute idea, but if it’s this hard to keep him still now, I can’t imagine how hard it will be when he’s 2. It might just stay a single handprint then…



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