Monthly Scrapbook


I keep seeing these beautiful Project Life designs which are so inspiring, namely on Design Editor

I am in such awe of these women doing this project and their beautiful and creative use of graphic design, which they use to document their life week by week. As someone who doesn’t know the first thing about graphic design, I couldn’t even begin to attempt what they are doing. But it did inspire me to try and, in my own small way, make some momento of this year in Josh’s life.

So I have turned to good old scrapbooking, something of which I have never been very good at. I’m far more likely to take pictures and hang onto ticket stubs, etc. for years, only to end up eventually throwing them out. So I am determined to see this project through.

I bought a basic scrapbook with 60 pages, which means each month I will pick out some photos I like and other items from that month (for example, for January I printed out blank new year resolution sheets for Tim and I to fill out from Thirty Handmade Days; I’m sure Josh will enjoy reading those someday!).

So each month should get about 5 pages. I think (and hope!) that will be manageable. I’ve already almost completed January (all I need to do is add in some handwritten comments), and the main problem I seemed to have was not enough space.

Always a good sign right?!



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