Swim Lessons


Today Josh went for his 2nd “real” swim lesson. He has been to other classes before, but this is the course that has a year long wait list and he will continue to follow over the course of several years I believe. The lessons are held in a really nice facility and it’s quite a novelty for me as we don’t really have indoor pools in California.

Josh was much better this week though. I like to think it was because I was in the water with him (Tim was last time), but Tim was quick to say it was because now he was “used to it.” Either way, much less tears, which is always nice.

I was wishing I had a video camera with me during the lesson on several occasions when I would say to Josh “ok, let’s blow bubbles” or something or other, and he would shake his head and babble away on the verge of tears, obviously explaining to me, rather adamantly, that he was not going to do certain things. But he did eventually get on with it and his favourite thing seemed to be chasing objects in the water, and he even felt comfortable enough to put his chin under a few times, though no blowing bubbles yet.

I took a few pictures on my phone of Josh outside after the swim lesson. He had his run of the playground as no other kids were there today, probably because of the cold. The weather forecast is saying we might get some more snow Sunday, so we’re trying to enjoy the outdoors while we can.





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