Baby Cards Keepsake


As I said before, I tend to hold onto various keepsakes saved from over the years, and never do anything with them. Prior to today, there were several bags filled with various cards from Josh’s baby shower and birth.


I had seen this project on Design Editor and thought it was adorable, practical and seemed easy enough to do. I finished Josh’s today and am really pleased with how it turned out.


I followed the tutorial on Design Editor and used some old cardboard for the ends, which I covered in animal scrapbook paper. I then made and printed a label for the cards which I glued onto the front cover.


I eventually ended up finding the binder rings at Ryman. I am continually amazed at how difficult it is to find things in England, whereas in America I’m sure I could find everything at Target. I’m still a bit annoyed as they only seem to sell 1 inch ones, whereas if I look at American websites, they have ones which are 3 inches and would accommodate far more cards. I’ll need to remember to buy some on the next trip to America.


I ended up covering the ends in contact paper (at Tim’s suggestion), then just used a hole punch and first did the ends and then the cards. It really didn’t take much time and I think it’s a great idea for keeping all the cards in one place. Well, a nicer place than in some ziploc bags anyways!


Josh even helped out with picking up the hole punches… one by one.



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