Colds and Fevers


This last weekend was a bit of a bust.

We had great weather (unusual for England in February!); sunny and in the high 50s.

But our little baby boy wasn’t feeling good. Josh has a cold and most of the weekend was spent checking his temperature and cuddling on the couch and watching tv. Tim even called the doctor last night, who came out just to check on Josh when his temperature kept hovering around 103.

And as much as I hate seeing Josh not feeling well, it was the first night in ages where he let me rock him to sleep in my arms. It was so precious and as I sat there staring down at his peaceful face, it was bittersweet to realise that he is starting to get too big to even lay in my lap anymore…

Today though he seems a bit better, still a fever but nowhere near what it was. Josh and I even managed a quick visit to RHS Wisley this morning.

The butterflies are all gone but we walked around and tried to explore the gardens a bit more. It was pretty cold though so we ended up at the cafe where we had a little lunch and Josh played in the soft play area.

Hopefully he’ll be back to his old self soon!








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