S’mores Cookies


Last night, after the boys had gone to bed, I decided to try out the s’mores cookie recipe.

I found this recipe here at The Girl Who Ate Everything , an amazing blog with so many yummy sounding recipes.

I followed her directions, except for one thing. In England, they don’t have graham crackers! Gasp! I know! What do all these little children eat with their peanut butter and apple juice?


So I used what I usually use in lieu of graham crackers, which are digestive biscuits. They taste very similiar to graham crackers only they’re round. I’m sure I’ve even seen them starting to be sold at some grocery stores in America.


I also was happy to find that Hershey’s chocolate seems to be much easier to get now then when I first moved to the UK. It’s funny how seeing this packaging instantly makes me happier!


As it was just me last night, I only made four. But don’t worry, I saved the dough to freeze to use for when the next s’mores craving hits!

They turned out amazing though; I love the gooey chocolate and marshmallow combination! And I was good and only ate one and saved the others for Tim to take to work with him. Hopefully he liked them as much as I did!






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