As Josh still continues to feel a bit under the weather, it got me thinking about how on TV (have I mentioned we have been watching a lot of TV?!), when a shows host is sick, they will just air a repeat.

This got me thinking of all the great little videos I have taken of Josh over the last year being his playful self, and wishing he would get back to that.

I thought I should share a few of the videos that I always go back to of Josh; ones that always bring a smile to my face. These are three of my favourites…

This video is of Josh singing in the car,, on the way to a swim lesson.

This is a more recent video of Josh playing a game he started doing at dinner time,, which is cute though dinner could last hours sometimes!

The last is a video from when Josh was only about 4 months old,, and Tim teaches him a nursery rhyme.

Hope you all enjoy the reruns!

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