Feeding the Ducks


Josh and I had a really nice morning together today.

I am anxious for Tim to get back, but I have to admit, it has been fun having just the two of us here for a few days. A bit more bonding time maybe.

We had a swimming lesson this morning and I was so proud of Josh. Usually before we even get in the pool, it’s a wrestling match to put on his armbands (water wings). One time he was literally laying screaming on the floor as I tried to wrestle them on him. Of course that was just the moment all the parents decided to arrive and I swear I heard a collective gasp of disbelief.

Well not today! He even tried to put them on himself! I was in shock.

And usually, as soon as we get anywhere near the water, his little arms clamp around my neck and his legs around my stomach. I’m sure we make quite a sight, the teacher telling me to make him kick his legs as Josh cries “no!” and I struggle to pry his legs off of me.

But again, not today! Today he kicked, lay flat in the water and even (I still can’t quite believe it myself!), jumped to me from off a ledge in the pool!

Maybe persistence does pay off…

It was a great swimming lesson with big smiles all around. Josh even liked his new poncho towel so much i had to get a photo of him in it.



So as a treat after the lesson, we went upstairs to the cafe to have lunch together. It was really nice as Josh was kept occupied watching the next class down in the pool below.


He is also getting very good at eating with a spoon now so he enjoyed eating some yoghurt on his own with a “big boy spoon.”



After lunch, we walked over to the pond and fed the ducks, which Josh really enjoyed. He was actually pretty good at throwing the bread out to the ducks.






We’ll have to be sure and remember to save some bread to go back and feed the ducks again soon.


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