Kermit Backpack


Guess what this is?

It is our 20th Cravendale code!

That might not mean a whole lot to the Americans out there, but I told my mom about this a while back and she thought it was funny, so I thought I would update you all on our progress…

This milk brand, Cravendale, is running a promotion where if you buy 20 of these special 2 litre bottles of milk between now and 14 April, you get a free kermit backpack. You register your name and enter each bottles unique code on their website here.

Now, I drink a lot of milk, but even I thought 20 of these was a bit much. Tim kept giving me a hard time saying, “if you really loved Josh…” which I thought was ironic as he himself doesn’t drink any milk.

The funny thing is, is that if you go on the internet to mom chat groups, people are getting very competitive about this. There is talk of people ripping the labels off of the milk in grocery stores and people are even selling their unused codes on eBay! Last I checked there were 20 codes going for £11.00 with 7 bids already. Crazy, right?!

Either way, today we collected and entered our 20th code. Which means a little kermit backpack should be on its way to Josh within 28 days. But as Josh has no idea who kermit even is, I think we might hold onto the backpack as a gift for when he’s a bit older…

In the meantime, do we save our new codes for a second backpack or make a few extra bucks on eBay?

Only joking of course! Second backpack here we come!



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