On a Bicycle Built for Two


This post has been a long time in the making, but it has finally happened….

Josh has been on his first bike ride!

I had seen these child bike seats in America, called Weeride, and they looked like so much fun. I think part of the draw was that the child has a good view and can see out in front, rather than just staring at the parents back. And it’s always nice to have them close to you so you can talk with them and point out all the things to look at on the way.

Well, almost 2 months ago now, we finally got around to buying one. And then about a month ago, we finally got around to installing it on my bike. It took a lot longer though because when we finally got my bike out to install it, everything seemed to be wrong. The tires kept sticking and the brakes weren’t working, to name a few problems. So the bike was in the shop for a while.

Eventually we got it back though and the moment I had been looking forward to was here…. only Josh had other ideas.

He wanted nothing to do with this bike business. And boy did he let us know it. Tim tried to put his helmet on him one time… I can still hear the screams.

But I was determined this was going to happen, one way or another.

So, little by little, day by day, I would talk to Josh about the bike, let him play with the helmet around the house, anything to get him used to the idea.

Then this Sunday, with the sun almost peeking through the grey British sky, we finally got him on the bike, and he loved it!


We probably spent the better part of an hour riding around the neighbourhood. Even Tim got to try the bike out, saying it’s much easier to ride with than it looks.


I’m just so happy that Josh seems to have gotten over his fear of bicycles and helmets and I’m really looking forward to going on more bicycle rides with him!




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