First BBQ of 2012


Tim loves to BBQ.

I think this must be a guy thing. Have you ever noticed how whenever there is a BBQ, that is where the men tend to congregate? Why? What is about meat and fire?

Oh well….

Either way, the weather this afternoon was really nice, never mind that it was about 6 degrees this morning. So Tim decided he wanted to do a BBQ, his favourite, Terry burgers, in honour of my uncle Terry.

They’re really just hamburgers marinated in teriyaki sauce with cheese and pineapple on top. They are pretty darn good though.


While Tim was taking care of dinner, Josh and I found time to go on a longer bike ride, down along the river. He is obsessed with ducks at the moment and had lots of fun pointing them all out to me.


When we got back, Tim took a break to run around the garden with Josh. We had lots of fun trying to teach him to play tag. I don’t think he quite gets it yet though!





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