My Day Off


You know what I did yesterday?

Nothing! And it was wonderful!

Tim’s trial, which was supposed to last 3 weeks, ended early with his client pleading on Monday. Which means Tim is back at home and I got the day off!

I think I can just about count on one hand how many times I have had a few hours without Josh around, so this was a nice treat.



In the morning, I went into Kingston for a few hours, just having a wander. The sun was out so everyone was sitting out along the river. I even had a very nice lunch, albeit on my own.


In the afternoon, I was able to go to a yoga class and run a bit at the gym. When I got home that evening, I felt as if I had hardly seen Josh at all.

It’s really kind of pathetic though, because as soon as I have few hours away from Josh, I spend them thinking about how much Josh would love whatever it is I’m doing at the moment; he especially would love seeing the big swans on the river.

It probably didn’t help that Tim was sending pictures to me of him and Josh having fun at the park. How could you want to spend time away from that face?!


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