Early Morning Jog


Josh has been starting to talk for about a month now. If he someday asks me when he started talking, I’d say 18 months.

He has a few words he says, which are, again in case he asks me someday, ball, up, car, two, duck, hello, bye and old. I’m sure I am forgetting some others but you get the gist.

I was remarking the other day that it’s rather unfortunate that two of the words he says are “old” and “ball” which I heard him saying around the house the other day. I’m sure that will come back to embarrass me at some point!

Either way, it shows he understands some things. So I don’t know why it surprised me so much when today he kept dragging me around the house to show me things. I kept wondering “what does this kid want?” and then I finally listened to him saying “two” and pointing at the objects.


He was grouping things in groups of two. The balls, some cars. All over the house, he kept putting two similiar items together.


Maybe that’s normal, but I was pretty impressed.

Later that morning, inspired by my sisters amazing performance at the LA Marathon yesterday, I thought I should really go out running. I mean, sure it was in the 30s but at least it wasn’t raining.

So I went for a jog.


How come no one warned me how odd it is to run with a jogging stroller? What do you do with your hands? I had to keep alternating them which I’m sure made me look crazy.

I also know that jogging with a stroller (or even a “pram” or “pushchair” as they are known here in England), is nowhere near as common place as it is in America, but at one point I passed an elderly woman out walking her dog, who as we passed by muttered “well that’s not something you see everyday.” I can only assume she was talking to the dog and it’s sheltered existence.


Josh had great fun pointing out all the ducks and birds along the river so maybe I’ll be forced to run more.

When I got back home I made myself a breakfast smoothie, which has to be one of the easiest ones to do.


You just throw a handful of spinach, one banana, and a cut up mango (I used a handful of frozen mango chunks today) into a blender. Add a cup of milk (I think it was originally almond milk, but as I haven’t found that in England yet I just use skimmed), and blend.


I feel that anything with spinach in it earns me some points.

Although, after that, I made some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for a toddler group that afternoon, so any of the good done this morning will go down the drain.


Oh well! It’s worth it!


One response to “Early Morning Jog

  1. My grand son is so clever! He was doing that(counting two corn cobs and saying two) on the video a week ago.

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