Farm Animal Hand Puppets


I am so happy to be able to share this project, mainly because it means that I am done!


These are absolutely the most adorable little farm animal hand puppets I have ever seen!


I found the free pattern and tutorial at Just Another Day In Paradise , and can not thank the author enough for making this available to everyone! She must be so creative…

I really wanted to learn how to sew, and when I saw this project, I thought it would be a great beginners project, as well as making something I’m sure Josh would love!


The only thing is that this has probably taken me a month to finish, trying to steal five minutes here and there to sew on an ear or a random spot. And if you look closely there are lots of mistakes, but it was a great learning experience!

I think I’m especially proud of the horses hair.



Though the pig’s tail is pretty darn cute too!



And what a wonderful conclusion for me to see Josh’s delight at meeting all the animals today!

He adores them, which makes me feel that all the time and effort was worth it.



Especially when all he wants to do is hug them!


6 responses to “Farm Animal Hand Puppets

  1. Karen haggerty

    I love the photos of him loving the puppets!

  2. ahhhhh that’s so cute

  3. Love these! I am so glad that my pattern was easy to follow. I love the picture of your son hugging them! Precious.

    • Larissa I really can not thank you enough for sharing the patterns on your blog! It was great practice for me and Josh simply adores them! You are so talented; I am in awe!!

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