Blast from the Past


Today I stumbled upon something.

I almost couldn’t make out what it was through the thick layer of dust covering it.

But there it was. The book I had made for Tim as a wedding gift, telling the story of how we met, and fell in love.



Finding this book brought back some lovely memories.




Every night when we put Josh to bed we read him several books. So tonight, this book made it’s way into the rotation, and was a huge hit with Josh, who enjoyed pointing out “mama” and “dada” in all the pictures.

He even asked for it to be read twice.


It was a bit surreal to be reading this book to Josh, thinking back on where it all started and how our little family has grown over the years.

I don’t think I ever imagined back when I was making the book for Tim, that one day we would be reading it to our children.


But I’m so glad we are.

One response to “Blast from the Past

  1. Doubly cute. Cute that you made the book for your husband, and extra cute that you were able to share it with your son!

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