Enjoying the Spring Sunshine


The last I had heard was that it might snow this week.

So Tim and I took advantage of the sun today, and went for a quick trip this morning to RHS Wisley.

The weather has been so nice here in England recently. The last time Josh and I went to RHS Wisley was about a month ago, back when it was rainy and cold, so it was really amazing to see the transformations happening in the garden this spring.

All the flowers were blooming.



We had a quick lunch then played out on the grass.



I think the highlight of the day for Josh was finding a big stick.


He enjoyed running around everywhere with his stick. That seems to be all he needs to be happy. Well, sticks and dirt; then he’s all set!


We even managed to find the children’s playground this time, called Wild at Wisley.


There were several different sections, one of which was a place for the kids to build teepees or “hiding huts” out of long reeds and sticks.


All in all it was a nice little outing, and it was great to enjoy the sunshine while it’s still there!



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