Decorating Easter Eggs


Tomorrow is Easter and Josh is easily the most spoiled little boy in England!

Over the last few days he has had three massive packages arrive for him, bringing him gifts for Easter all the way from his Grandpa, Grandma and Great Grandma back in California.


I can’t thank you all enough for being so generous and sending him Easter gifts! I’m waiting until tomorrow morning to let him open them though, but I’m sure he will love them! It also makes me feel less guilty as I didn’t really make him much of an Easter basket this year, so thank you again!


We also had another surprise waiting for us when we got back from yoga this morning…

A beautiful bouquet from my Grandma.

It was so lovely and almost as big as Josh!


It was so nice to get, though it does make me miss all my family even more.

Josh enjoyed the flowers too.



We finally got around to painting Easter eggs this afternoon.

I had been warned about the lack of white eggs in England (all they really have here are brown), and decided to embrace it. So instead of dying the eggs, I decided we would just paint them.


Rather than hard boiling the eggs, I thought it would just be easier to hollow them out by blowing out the yolks.

I don’t know why I decided this and was feeling pretty happy with my decision as I watched Josh start to paint his very first Easter egg!




That is until he accidentally cracked it, which led him to realise that he could smash and crumble the egg in his hand, which is far more fun than painting it.


And so here, in all it’s glory, is the end result of Josh decorating his first Easter egg.


Thankfully, mine and Tim’s eggs turned out a bit better (though that’s not really saying much is it?!). Tim even actually seemed to enjoy painting the eggs, painting one to look like Josh, and coming up with some great “transport” themed eggs which are sure to be a hit with Josh.




I stuck with farm animals.



Josh stuck with his cars.


After we had finished decorating the eggs, we tried out a new pizza recipe.

It’s for strawberry balsamic pizza with chicken, sweet onion and applewood bacon. I found the recipe here at The Café Sucré Farine.

Reading the ingredients, I thought the pizza would be far too sweet for my taste, but the bacon and chicken balanced it out well and it ended up tasting pretty good.


Wishing everyone a Happy Easter tomorrow!

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