Choo choo and the Wolf


Today has been an interesting day…

We had booked tickets several weeks ago to go and see Peter and the Wolf preformed today at the Royal Festival Hall in London.


Josh adores Peter and the Wolf and we have listened to it many (many, many, many!) times at home.

As today was a bank holiday here in England, we thought we would have a nice lunch, then go and enjoy the concert.

Quite a nice little day we had planned.

Because of engineering works on the train line, we decided to just drive over, which turned out fine. Josh especially loved pointing out all the buses, every single one he saw. You would think he would get tired of them after a while…

He didn’t.


Maybe that should have been my first warning.

You see Josh loves buses. Josh also loves trains. In fact, it’s safe to say that Josh loves anything even remotely related to any form of transportation. And it may even be deeper than love; this boy is obsessed.

Once we had parked the car, we went and had lunch at a nice little dim sum restaurant on the Southbank.



Josh was really well behaved and even shared some of the food Tim and I had ordered.

After lunch, we still had some time to kill so we decided to walk along the Southbank.


That is the Royal Festival Hall above, right next to the Thames. Which means boats. It’s also very close to Waterloo train station, which means trains.

Josh was in heaven.


There were so many things for him to look at; boats in the river, trains on the tracks, buses on the bridges…

The list goes on and on.





When it was time for the concert to start, Josh didn’t want to leave. He kept saying “choo choo” and pointing back to the trains as we walked inside.

I should have known then that this concert wasn’t going to happen.

We went into the hall and it was beautiful. Neither Tim or I had been there before and I was surprised at how big it was.

I was also surprised at how close we were to the front. Very surprised. We were in the fourth row.



As we sat and waited for the concert to start, Josh kept going on about the trains. But quietly. We thought that once the music started, he would forget all about the trains and boats and buses outside.

He didn’t.

Every time the music would stop and the narrator would go back to telling the story, was when Josh would choose to start screaming “choo choo!!” into the packed auditorium. Maybe if he had been yelling “duck” or “wolf,” we could have played it off…

But as it was, I think we lasted all of about fifteen minutes before Tim and I couldn’t take it anymore.

And so as we stood up and inched our way past the orchestra, our little bundle of joy screaming desperately for his beloved trains, Tim and I weren’t exactly in a good mood.

I’m sure one day we will look back on today and laugh.

Just not today.


2 responses to “Choo choo and the Wolf

  1. Josh is darling. Funny, isn’t it–we do so much to please them at this age, yet it takes so very little!

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