Lunch with Paul


I can’t believe this week is almost over.

We were in central London again on Wednesday, meeting up with our friend Paul who is from Kentucky.

He was over here for soccer and we were so thrilled that he took time out of his busy schedule to meet up with us! Thank you again Paul! It was so good seeing you!

We ended up being early and so had some time to kill. We took some photos across the river from Parliament and Big Ben.



I didn’t realise it at the time, but now looking at the pictures, they are very close to where, at this same time last year, Josh and I had a picture taken of us. I have always loved that photo and used it as the main photo for this blog (above).


So it was a pleasant surprise to see the photos and realise the “year apart” significance and see how Josh has grown!


We ended up meeting Paul and headed to an Indian restaurant in Covent Garden.

I think after our experience at the concert on Monday, Tim and I didn’t have very high hopes. But Paul must be a secret baby whisperer or something because Josh climbed up into his lap and sat there the entire lunch without making a peep. The waiters kept saying he was a “frozen baby” and laughing.

Tim and I were in awe…



Josh was so quiet, we even managed to have some dessert, which is a very rare occurrence when dining with toddlers.

We had some chocolate ice cream, which Josh especially enjoyed!


3 responses to “Lunch with Paul

  1. Your backgrounds are beautiful–your photos look like postcards!

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