Family Photo Magnets


Josh is now 20 months old and is becoming quite the mimic.

I remember when maybe only as recently as a few months ago I was getting a little concerned that Josh really wasn’t saying much. Sure he was great at pointing and grunting, but I probably didn’t help much by knowing exactly which grunt meant milk and which grunt meant something else. I don’t think he ever needed to talk because I was always there.

As it was, he started to talk. And the words just keep coming.

I feel as if in the space of this last month, he has gone from maybe 10 words to repeating every word that comes out of our mouth. Tonight at dinner he said “peach.” Where was he hiding that one all this time?


He also is now putting words together. I’m not sure when that is supposed to happen, but he will now say “hello daddy” or “big car.” Nothing major but exciting to Tim and I none the less.

The other day, he was throwing one of his toys (is this just typical of boys?) and I told him “no!” Several minutes later, he threw another toy and before I could scold him, he said “no!” and pointed with his finger the same exact way I had at him only minutes earlier.

I might have been mad but when he saw the surprised look on my face, he said “hug” and ran with his arms outstretched to me.

I’m such a sucker…

Another thing that has made me happy is that I now have proof that Josh knows his family.

It has always bothered me living so far away from my family. Even more so since Josh was born. I feel like they are missing out on seeing Josh grow up and Josh is missing out on spending time with them.

It really bothered me to hear my family say “oh he won’t even recognise me the next time I see him!”

First of all, I’m sure he will. We Skype all the time. And secondly, I have pictures up of everyone everywhere!

In addition to all the photos around the house, I made these magnets a few months ago, using pictures of members of my family with Josh. I thought it would be a good way to remind Josh daily of his family back in California.


They were simple enough to make.

I just took the pictures, glued them onto some cardboard and then covered them with contact paper. I cut each of them out and attached a magnet to the back.


I put them on the refrigerator at Josh level so that he could see and play with them. Sometimes when we’re in the kitchen I will point out certain ones and talk to him about his family in the photos.




He has always loved looking at the pictures, pointing at them and playing with them.

Then the other day I asked him to find a particular person, and he did. He went through and did that with all of the photos.


It made me very happy…


9 responses to “Family Photo Magnets

  1. Josh sounds adorable–how could you NOT melt when he said “hug” and ran to you?! And your magnet idea is absolutely brilliant. The pictures of him playing with them are charming, too. Well done! 🙂

    • Thank you Robin! This is the first year since I’ve been in the UK that we aren’t going back to the states to visit for a whole year! Last year we went back 3 times, so anything to keep him close to my family is really important to me! Did you find you had trouble with that when you were living in Europe at all? If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them!

  2. To be honest with you, Kerry, the time goes by even FASTER when you’ve got four kids!! 🙂 So, that first year sped by for me, but my parents visited within the first few months, and we went back to the States during our first summer. My parents visited again, and we didn’t return at all during our second year, and moved back after our third year. So, we didn’t stay as long as you are staying, and I wasn’t going through the experience of having a newborn/infant/toddler, etc. for the first time. I can understand how that could be very challenging to you. However–the bonus with kids is that they can be an avenue to introduce you to a whole new group of people, and that was true with my children while we were in Germany. I would suggest getting into playgroups (if you’re not already) and as many of those types of mommy-and-me activities as you can find. And don’t forget ex-pat groups! Seek them out! They will be your “family” and support while you’re there. The friendships I made during my years abroad are some of the strongest I have today. And, (even though I believe I said this before) my attitude made all the difference. Embrace this incredible experience you are having and make the most of it, so that you can look back on it with a smile. 🙂 (Hope that helped!)

    • Robin you are always so positive and I really do thank you for the advice! We do go to some toddler groups and I did recently meet another American mommy so that has made things easier! Will have to have a look into expat groups though!

      • You’re very welcome, Kerry, and I do hope it’s helpful to you.
        It’s nice to be able to gather with people who are going through similar experiences (like me seeking out a twins group!). But don’t forget the locals, either! I found that becoming friends with expats and locals really enriched my entire experience.

      • It is Robin and I do very much appreciate your encouraging words! Thank you!

      • I’m so glad. And, again, you’re very welcome. 🙂

  3. OMG, first I got giddy when Josh threw another toy and said “no!”… how cute is that! But I literally got chills (happy ones!) when he said “hug!” and ran to you. Friggin’ cute!!

    And yes I love it when the words starts flowing in. Nothing like celebrating every new word and going, “Did you just say that?” My toddler is two and a half and now he’s amazing me with his use of grammar and the “grown up” words he uses. Seriously, how adorable is it when a toddler says, “actually,” “towards,” or “The dripping water has ripples” ?!

    • “The dripping water has ripples” and he’s two and a half!? That’s insane (in a good, exciting way of course!)! I don’t think Josh is anywhere near that! Isn’t it funny how it all just seems to happen overnight! Where do they pick up all these things?!

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