Rainy Days


The rain just keeps coming.

It has been raining for weeks here in the UK now and I am slowly running out of ideas as to what to do with Josh.

While many of my friends have been sharing idyllic pictures of their kids running barefoot across sun drenched beaches in California, I have been racking my brain trying to think of fun indoor activities.

Don’t get me wrong; we have still “played” outside many times during these downpours, mainly taking long walks and discovering puddles. There’s one day I would particularly like to forget which involved me pushing Josh’s stroller with one hand and trying to hold an umbrella with the other in torrential rain and high winds.

It wasn’t pretty and I think there were tears. Mine, not Josh’s.

During a desperate moment this weekend I even resorted to pasta.

Yes pasta.

I was trying to make lunch and needed something to distract Josh, so I poured some different types of pasta and rice into some bowls, set them in front of him, and you know what? It worked!



I could not believe how long and how quietly he sat there, sorting the pasta into the different bowls.



I can guarantee we will be doing this again!


There was a short break from the rain this afternoon for maybe an hour and Tim decided to take Josh to this event we had heard about.

As you know, Josh loves trains. And cars. And buses. Anything transportation related.

It was the Spring Gathering for the London Bus Museum, which means there were lots of old buses on display. Tim took some photos of Josh with his blackberry and though they aren’t the greatest of quality, you can clearly see some of the buses.


You can also see Josh looking at the buses, holding his toy bus.


Tim is such a great dad to take Josh out in the cold rain to see these old buses. I clearly don’t get it, but Tim said Josh loved it.


Josh even managed to eat some ice cream while he was out today. I think some might have actually managed to make it in his mouth.


He was probably too busy looking at the buses to notice.

2 responses to “Rainy Days

  1. Yeah for pasta! And buses! Cute post and darling pictures, Kerry–I hope the sun comes out soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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