Trying Out Toddler Groups


With Tim away for work this week, Josh and I have been delving into the world of “toddler groups.”


I feel like a bad parent, never having taken him to toddler groups before; he is 20 months now. One time when I mentioned that he had never been to a toddler group, my friend looked at me as if I were crazy and said “What do you do with him all day?!”

I feel like we were always playing or exploring or something or other, so I don’t think he was missing out in that regard. But now, having had about two weeks of toddler groups, I’m glad we are going. He needs that social interaction with other kids his age.

So far it hasn’t gone great, but we’re trying.


The first group we went to was last week, and when the children all sat together at their little tables for juice and biscuits, Josh stole the biscuit from the girl next to him. She didn’t seem to mind. She just looked at him as he took it out of her hand and proceeded to slowly eat it. I was halfway across the room and didn’t do anything about it as she didn’t seem bothered. If anything it made me laugh; oh those kids!

When we went to the same group this week, it was karma. As they sat there eating their biscuits, a boy next to Josh took his biscuit and ate it. Only this did bother Josh. As I heard him cry out “Mommy!” from across the room, I thought how ironic it was that last week when Josh did the same thing, he was just being cute. Yet when this child stole from my son, I viewed him as committing an assault.

Yes assault.

Theft or robbery at the very least.

Clearly the social interactions aren’t just for the children’s benefits!

All joking aside, it seems that when the kids were left to it, things sorted themselves out just fine.

There was another group we attended which sticks out in my mind. A very touchy feely type of group with lots of dancing and music. Don’t get me wrong; that’s fine and if we were in America I would probably, maybe even possibly, enjoy that. But we’re not in America. We’re in England. And I don’t know the words to any of these songs (what is a dingle dangle scarecrow anyway?!)

So, until I eventually learn some of these British songs, Josh and I will stick to singing American songs and continue taking long “aulks!” (aka walks), which are his favourite thing to do now. I feel this is very British of him, this love of walking. And I’m not talking about just around the block; we will literally walk for miles, only for him to pull my hand to go further.

And while I can’t completely shut out the Californian in me saying “It’s cold. It’s raining,” I have to admit it has been fun getting to explore some of the countryside with him.



Any time we need to leave somewhere or I need to get him to do something, instead of promises of candy, I simply mention the word “walk” and he is out the door.

Now if only we could get the weather to cooperate that easily…




2 responses to “Trying Out Toddler Groups

  1. It sounds like you and your little boy are having a wonderful time together, and that is as it should be! This is the perfect time to start with a toddler group (he’s now a toddler, right??) So, pay no attention to the raised eyebrows, Kerry. Just do what you’re doing, enjoy that British countryside, and feel confident in knowing that you’re a great “mummy,” and Josh is a lucky little boy. 🙂

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