Trains This Way


There is a bank holiday this Monday, which means three day weekend! Exciting stuff…

It started out as a typical weekend, mainly involving every parents worst nightmare, wandering aimlessly around Homebase, or some other DIY store, on a Saturday morning, trying to figure out our closet problem.



Thank goodness we brought the tape measure along or who knows how long Josh would have lasted.

Tim and I ended up going into central London again Saturday night; we’re becoming quite big fans of the Southbank. We were there last weekend for a concert at the Royal Festival Hall.

It was the London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Yan Pascal Tortelier, and it was lovely. For about the same price as a movie ticket you can have a wonderful evening and enjoy such beautiful music.

I think I might be addicted.


Last night, however, we went to the British Film Institute, which was still showing The Descendants.



Neither Tim or I had ever seen a movie here so it was nice to try something new. It looks like they have some good events coming up, which includes some silent Hitchcock films accompanied by live music. Could be interesting.


This afternoon we ended up taking Josh to a miniature railway.

It’s called Mizens Railway and isn’t too far a drive from our house. It is run by train enthusiasts and only open (during the summer months – which I might add was in the 40s today!) on Sundays from 2 – 5pm.

It’s free to just go and look at all the trains and only a pound or so if you want to actually ride the train.



There were trains everywhere…

Needless to say, Josh was in heaven!


And while he loved looking at the trains, it took a bit more coaxing to actually get him on one.


But he eventually did and we took a ride on the little steam train.





I think I even managed to capture the beginnings of a smile from Josh on my phone at one point!


The trains were a huge hit with Josh though and I am sure we will be back visiting the “choo choos” very soon.


On a side note, less than 50 days till my mom and sister arrive! I am so excited!!


I can’t wait to see you two!!

2 responses to “Trains This Way

  1. Our toddlers had the same weekend! Well, the trains part. My husband took my little guy to something similar here where there’s a free park with train cabooses everywhere for kids to explore. And that they had a train ride you pay $2.50 that takes you twice around the park. He had a ton of fun, even with the gazillions of kids there.

    • I bet he loved it!! How funny, here I was thinking it was some weird British obsession with trains! Good to know that boys and their love of trains is universal! 🙂

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