A Night Away


A night away.

It always sounds like a good idea when you have a toddler…

The hard part of that idea is the away bit.

Tim has been working up North for the last few weeks and we had made plans months ago to go see a comedy show in Birmingham.

I know. Birmingham. Sounds exciting.

Trust me I wouldn’t do this for any comedy show.

But I would to see Jerry Seinfeld

It’s about two hours from London and we decided to make a night away of it.

I can’t even describe the hassle of packing our overnight bags, packing Josh’s things for a stay with Tim’s parents and actually, physically getting him in the car. I’m sure every parent out there can picture this only far too easily.

After a lot of driving, we eventually made it to Birmingham. I had only been to this city once before, maybe 3 or 4 years back, to the Crown Court there for a case I was working on at the time. In my memory, it was the middle of winter, cold and dirty.

I’m afraid not much seemed to have changed.

We had a nice dinner though, right next to the venue, the area of which seemed really built up. The show was held at The National Indoor Arena.


Our seats weren’t great but it was such a great show it really didn’t matter.

Look, there he is. Can you see him?


Tim and I are both big fans of his and had been excited to see his show, so he really could have said anything and we would have been happy.

I found a review of the show here, which is far better written then anything you’re going to get from me.

But it was a great night.

We had thought we might get to explore a little of Birmingham after breakfast this morning, have a little wander, maybe take a few pictures; you know really making the most of the whole night away.

But Josh had other plans.

We had a phone call this morning from Tim’s parents, letting us know he had been up screaming since 5:45 and could we please come get him.

Oh Josh…

How did you know we were having a good time?

And of course, less than five minutes after having picked Josh up, I looked back to see this.


Maybe you wouldn’t be so tired if you hadn’t woken up screaming at 5:45.

It’s a good thing he’s so cute…

2 responses to “A Night Away

  1. Oh, I’m sorry, Kerry. 😦 But I’m glad you at least got to see the show! Let’s hope this is just a stage of his!

    • I know! I am really glad we went though; it was definitely worth it. He’s just being very clingy at the moment and I’m sure I’ll miss it once he grows out of it! I just had to write this down so I can remind him of it someday! Isn’t that our job as parents?! 😉

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