Farm Animal Cards


The rain is back.

As much as I enjoy my long walks with Josh, it is nice to occasionally have some indoor (i.e. warm and dry) time too.

In an effort to find something to keep him busy, I pulled out an idea I had read about on the blog Montessori MOMents.

The blog has so many great idea for fun activities to do with kids, and as Josh can name all the farm animals now, this seemed right up his alley.

Having read about this farm animal activity, I had already bought a tub of farm animals before, keeping it for the right moment. I’m sure you can get these type of little plastic animals anywhere.


Then I printed off the animal cards, using this link .


We laid out all the cards and Josh really did a good job of matching the plastic animals to the corresponding cards.




It was a nice little break and an activity I think we’ll be doing again.

While I’m on the subject of farm animals, I just thought I’d share a card we made for Josh’s cousin’s birthday.


Using some pink paint, Josh made a handprint onto a blank card.

While he continued painting, I tried to turn his handprint as best I could into a pig.




It’s nothing fancy, but I think it turned out ok. Hopefully they’ll be able to work out it’s a pig!

4 responses to “Farm Animal Cards

  1. What a wonderful activity with the farm animals, and what a darling card! This post brought a big smile to my face. 🙂

  2. I love the farm animal and flash cards idea. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

    • I honestly can’t take any credit! It’s all things I’ve found online by other mothers who are far more talented and put together than I’ll ever be! 🙂

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