Sunshine and Tired Legs


We have sun!

And not just sun but warm weather too!

We’re talking shorts and a t-shirt type warm weather!


I decided to take Josh on a bike ride to celebrate.



I tried to take some photos of us both on the bike with my iPhone, though they usually ended up cutting half of either mine or Josh’s face off.

Oh well. I’m sure you can tell he’s enjoying himself.


The bike ride ended up being a lot longer than I thought. It always seems like a good idea as your pedalling along, the wind in your hair, down little hills and enjoying the sunshine. Well, you have to eventually go home, and those hills are now uphill

Not as fun.

We were out for almost two hours on this bike ride. My legs are still shaking tonight.

But it was great fun to get out and enjoy the sun.

We came home and had some lunch. I am always at a loss on lunch ideas for Josh, usually that need to be made very quickly as we are rushing home from one activity or another and he is screaming at me to feed him.

But today I toasted a bagel, and spread some hummus on both pieces. I then filled it with turkey and some baby spinach. I ended up making one for myself too, it was that good.

And did I mention quick?


This evening, it was still nice and warm so we all, Tim, Josh and I, walked to the park to kick around a soccer ball.



We eventually came home and I tried out a new recipe for Greek inspired chicken breasts, which I found here.

They turned out really yummy and I’m sure this recipe will be going into the rotation.


So all in all, a very nice sunny day!

4 responses to “Sunshine and Tired Legs

  1. Sounds like a terrific day–good fun, good food, and sunshine! I love the photo of Josh with the soccer ball, by the way. 😉

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