Travel Thursday; A Giraffe In China


People seemed to like the pictures I put up of China last week far more than I thought they would. So, for better or worse, I thought today I’ll put up a few more.

All of these photos were also taken in and around Beijing.

I think the thing that stands out in my mind most from my time spent travelling around China, was that it made me actually feel sympathy for celebrities.

In China, if you are a foreigner, you stand out. Everywhere I went people would point and stare. The whole street would get quiet and everything seemed to stop, people whispering as I walked by. I can’t even remember how many times I was stopped and asked to have my picture taken with people.

That wasn’t so bad, but what bothered me was seeing people taking pictures of me from far away. I even had one woman who came up to me later and showed me the pictures she had taken of me from about two stories up as I had walked around some historical sight or another, completely unaware of her snapping away.

Tim had said he was worried about something happening to me, but on one of our phone calls, I described what the experience was like, being a visitor in China.

I compared myself to a giraffe.

That’s exactly how I felt, like some strange giraffe just walking down the street. I suppose you would stop and stare too at that odd sight, maybe even take a picture to show to your friends later.

I even started wearing sunglasses all the time. That way you can see everyone staring at you, but they can’t see what you’re looking at.

It was very surreal.

I can’t help but laugh when I think of how Tim might cope with the attention, if I ever manage to drag him there. Josh too. That poor kid is just so blonde….









5 responses to “Travel Thursday; A Giraffe In China

  1. Love the title of this post. 🙂 And what an interesting experience that must have been for you! I have a friend that was born here, is 100% Chinese, and speaks Chinese, and she said that the people there could still tell that she’s American.

  2. this is hilarious. you look like a giant in those photos.

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