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Europe In A Day


We’ve made it.

Well… sort of.

We left early this morning for Germany.

Via France, Brussels, and the Netherlands.

And all in one day.

So while we aren’t in Germany yet, we’ve packed quite a bit in for one day. But I suppose that’s one of the things that is so wonderful about living in Europe. You are never more than a few hours drive from another country.

We boarded the euro tunnel early this morning and Josh was very excited to be going on a train.



Can you see the excitement in their faces there in the backseat?

It was really cute.

Until we realised several minutes into the crossing that there was no air conditioning on the train.

And we weren’t allowed to turn our car on.

There was no air or breeze or any relief whatsoever.

And so we sat, inside what felt like a cattle car, baking away in the 90 something degree heat.



Thankfully that was over in about 30 minutes or so and we got off the train and drove through France and into Belgium, where we stopped in Ieper for lunch.

It was a lovely little town and we really enjoyed walking around the city centre.



Josh had been such a good boy on the drive, we thought he had earned some ice cream.

That and we wanted an excuse to get some too.




We then got back on the road, driving through downtown Brussels, which was a huge mistake.

I don’t know if anyone has any experience with driving over in Europe, but I’ve spent my whole life driving in LA which is notorious for bad drivers, and I couldn’t believe how aggressive drivers are here in Belgium.

Is that just me?


We eventually made it out of the traffic and into the Netherlands where we are staying before finally reaching Germany tomorrow.



Until then…

Goede nacht.


36 Hours


My sister flew home today.

It was a very short 36 hours or so that she was able to spend with Josh, but I know Josh loved every minute of it!

Have a safe flight Erin home and we are missing you already.

Six Years


It’s our wedding anniversary coming up this weekend.

Six years.

We don’t have anything exciting planned, other than picking up my mom and sister from the airport.

But I just want to take a minute to say thank you to my husband, Tim.

In addition to picking up my family from the airport, you are an amazing husband and I am so lucky to have married my best friend.

I love you more and more every day.

Let’s face it, you had to be pretty special to give up California for!

I was looking through our wedding photos and thought it might be fun to put one of the two of us on here.

But then I found this photo.


I don’t know why I had never noticed it before, but it looks as if someone has just said something really funny. I love the looks on everyone’s faces.

Our wedding was such a happy day for us and I have such wonderful memories of it. I can’t tell you how special it was to have all my family make the journey to share that day with us.

Happy Anniversary Tim.


Over The River And Through The Woods


About a month ago, Josh broke my camera.

Not my big, nice DSLR camera thankfully, but my tiny point and shoot one.

Since I’ve had an iPhone though, I rarely even use it anymore, but we are going on vacation soon and it’s much easier to transport than taking the large camera.

So my mom was kind enough to bring a new one out for me when she flew over.

We had some nice weather yesterday so I decided to take Josh and try the new camera out.

It’s not as great as my old one in my opinion, but I may just be set in my ways.

We went to a common, which is almost like a park back in America but just several acres of forest here in England, and went for a long walk.



I really don’t understand how more people don’t get lost in commons. Josh and I would walk for an hour or so without seeing another person. You may laugh, but it reminds me of something out of the Hunger Games.

We eventually found our way to a meadow where I took some cute photos of Josh playing around in the flowers.






Josh loves his “walks” so am sure we will be going again when Grandma gets here.

You’ve been warned Mom!


Hold The Mayo


Poor Tim.

I feel like we’ve been so busy these last few weeks, I really didn’t make any effort to celebrate Father’s Day. I think I even slept in while he got up with Josh.

So no breakfast in bed for Tim on Father’s Day.

We did make him cards though.


And I did make him lunch.

Does that count?

Cranberry sauce, rocket (or arugula in America), Brie and ham.

It doesn’t look that good in the photo, but trust me, it was a really good sandwich.


Tim always used to make fun of Americans, saying we are really into our sandwiches. When he first came to America, he had never heard of so many options for sandwich fillings. Avocado? That’s crazy!

Most sandwich options over here usually consist of some mixture of tuna and sweet corn (aka corn), always with mayonnaise, and always with butter.

Now that is something I will never get used to.

I also tried to redeem myself by making Tim some cookies last night which were so good.

The recipe is for Chocolate Oreo White Chocolate Chip Cookies and they are amazing.


I even saved some to give to these ladies who we picked up at Heathrow today.


Yes my mom and sister are here!

Well they were here, for about an hour, and now they are in Italy for a week before coming back to stay with us.

I can’t tell you how happy it made me seeing Josh recognise them at the airport and run to give them hugs.

It also made me happy to hear my sister say “guy it’s cold here!” when we were walking at the airport.

You people in California are just so soft.

But in all seriousness, I hope they have a great time in Italy though I’m anxious for them to get back.

I think Josh is too.


The Pacific


I’ve been a bit down with all this rain and cold weather. The other day it was so cold you could see your breath. How is this still happening in June?

And while I would love to complain about this country and it’s miserable climate, I thought I should at least try and focus on something a bit more uplifting.

The beach.

I miss it.

I had a friend who once said that her happiness is proportional to her proximity to the ocean. I couldn’t agree more.

Except that here I am, on an island, literally surrounded by water (from both sky and sea), and it’s just not the same.

It’s not home.

So to reminisce a bit, I thought I’d put up a few pictures of Josh’s first trip to the beach. He was four months old and we had gone out to California for Christmas.

I was determined that the first time he set his eyes on an ocean, it would be the Pacific.

It has a special place in my heart and I am certain it will in Josh’s also.






Best of British Garden Party


The boys were hard at work today removing another chimney, this time from Josh’s room, in yet another installment of the great closet problem.

It was my job to keep Josh out of their way, so I decided to go to RHS Wisley and check out their Best of British Garden Party happening this weekend.


Thankfully, we managed to get some nice weather today.

The weather here lately has been awful. Even the newspaper had this as a headline on Friday.


You’ve got to love that British sense of humour.

But today the sun was shining and the garden party at Wisley was really lovely.

All the gardens looked so beautiful.



And there were so many things to keep the children occupied.

There were model ships sailing on the Greenhouse lake.


I thought it was cute when Josh went up on his toes to try and see them.


There were Punch and Judy shows.


To be honest, I have no clue what a Punch and Judy show is. We didn’t stop to watch any while we were there, but I’m assuming it’s just a puppet show, albeit a very violent sounding one.

Punch? Is that really a character’s name?

And while I’m on the subject of British things I don’t really understand…

They also had food.

Well, one food option.


First off, if you were at an event in America, there would be probably 20 different choices of all sorts of greasy, delicious food to choose from.

In England, it’s bangers or, well, bangers.


I still have no clue what bangers are exactly, but as my mom said “if you’re hungry, you’ll eat it.”

And as it was about 3pm, I was hungry.

So I ate it.

Is it just a hot dog?


Probably Josh’s favourite thing was, of course, the vintage tractor display.


There may not have been many food options, but boy were there a lot of tractors.




Josh enjoyed the tractors so much, he had that whole glazed eye stare going.


When I managed to pull him away from the tractors, we went to my favourite thing, the music.

I know I’m a sucker, but the sun was shining, there was nice green grass to sit on and a brass band to listen too.


Josh seemed to enjoy himself too.

He would sit still listening to the song, clapping along with everyone else when it was over. He even shouted “more, more” when the band stopped to take a break at one point.


That made me pretty happy.