Moustache T-shirt


As you guys know, our very talented brother-in-law, Andy, has been building us a new closet.

This means we’ve been (attempting) to clean out our wardrobes and get rid of clothes we don’t wear anymore.

Which means we find awesome shirts like this!


If you can’t tell, it’s a Cranberries t-shirt. They are a band that I think was before my time, but Tim assures me they were very cool when he was a teenager.

I had a good laugh over this find.

And as much as I wanted to donate it to a charity shop, I had seen this tutorial on how to make a moustache t-shirt, and I needed some spare black fabric.

I’ve been wanting to make Josh a quiet book and had heard about appliquΓ©s and thought this was a great, easy project to try it out on.

It turns out it was easy. Really easy. Like 20 minutes easy.

All I did was print out the moustache picture and cut it out.


Then I traced the moustache onto the heat and bond paper,


And ironed the paper onto my black fabric.


I then cut out the moustache, cutting along the tracing I had made.


I decided where I wanted to place it on my white t-shirt and ironed it on.



I used my sewing machine to secure it onto the t-shirt.


And in less than half an hour, Josh had a cute new t-shirt!



10 responses to “Moustache T-shirt

  1. That’s really darling! I think there’s a Halloween outfit in there too, some how. πŸ˜‰

  2. So very cute! Love it

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