Best of British Garden Party


The boys were hard at work today removing another chimney, this time from Josh’s room, in yet another installment of the great closet problem.

It was my job to keep Josh out of their way, so I decided to go to RHS Wisley and check out their Best of British Garden Party happening this weekend.


Thankfully, we managed to get some nice weather today.

The weather here lately has been awful. Even the newspaper had this as a headline on Friday.


You’ve got to love that British sense of humour.

But today the sun was shining and the garden party at Wisley was really lovely.

All the gardens looked so beautiful.



And there were so many things to keep the children occupied.

There were model ships sailing on the Greenhouse lake.


I thought it was cute when Josh went up on his toes to try and see them.


There were Punch and Judy shows.


To be honest, I have no clue what a Punch and Judy show is. We didn’t stop to watch any while we were there, but I’m assuming it’s just a puppet show, albeit a very violent sounding one.

Punch? Is that really a character’s name?

And while I’m on the subject of British things I don’t really understand…

They also had food.

Well, one food option.


First off, if you were at an event in America, there would be probably 20 different choices of all sorts of greasy, delicious food to choose from.

In England, it’s bangers or, well, bangers.


I still have no clue what bangers are exactly, but as my mom said “if you’re hungry, you’ll eat it.”

And as it was about 3pm, I was hungry.

So I ate it.

Is it just a hot dog?


Probably Josh’s favourite thing was, of course, the vintage tractor display.


There may not have been many food options, but boy were there a lot of tractors.




Josh enjoyed the tractors so much, he had that whole glazed eye stare going.


When I managed to pull him away from the tractors, we went to my favourite thing, the music.

I know I’m a sucker, but the sun was shining, there was nice green grass to sit on and a brass band to listen too.


Josh seemed to enjoy himself too.

He would sit still listening to the song, clapping along with everyone else when it was over. He even shouted “more, more” when the band stopped to take a break at one point.


That made me pretty happy.




10 responses to “Best of British Garden Party

  1. I’ve heard of “bangers and mash,” but you had “bangers and brass”–plus tractors and flowers and punching puppets. Sounds like a terrific day to me! 🙂

  2. I have no idea what bangers are either, but we eat them up at a British pub here where we live hehe. I loved reading this story, thanks for sharing your outing! Seriously, I know you love the warm weather we have here, but you guys are making me want to go there! Plus my husband’s a huge Liverpool fan so it won’t take long to convince him 🙂

    • That’s so funny your husband likes “football!” When we were visiting family in LA once we took Tim to an LA Galaxy game and Tim was so annoyed because no one seemed to care at all about the game. Everyone was more interested in the food! England is nice though, especially of you are interested in history. It’s just the weather that takes some getting used to. I honestly really did love it here, but that was before I realised that I’d be living here of course! Now I just want the beach back! 🙂

  3. I can see how useful your iPhone now. I used to capture so many nice moments with my husband’s old phone, now his iPhone is always in the hard case! Forgive my ignorance but I still can’t help wonder about the grammar on the newspaper”Depressed? you will be as series of lows brings cold,rain and gales.” As series is a PL form, why it reflects in word BRINGS, but not BRING? I checked, the result is even confusing to me. I copied three exemples here. 1)•Series of music workshops ARE currently being run in bristol by the group.2)•Series of articles on vat HAS already been written to appear in the next few months in scouting magazine.3)•Series of experiments WAS done to see the effects of various minerals on the quality of plant growth.
    If the dictionary was supposed to be right,there must be an explaination. Can you help please, or anyone?

    • You should get a different case for his iPhone! I take all my photos with my iPhone and it’s so easy to take and send videos to family back home! I think your question is about “tenses” and when an event happened. At least, that’s what it looked like those 3 examples were explaining. I’m so bad with actual grammatical rules; I’m sure you know far more than I do!

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