Over The River And Through The Woods


About a month ago, Josh broke my camera.

Not my big, nice DSLR camera thankfully, but my tiny point and shoot one.

Since I’ve had an iPhone though, I rarely even use it anymore, but we are going on vacation soon and it’s much easier to transport than taking the large camera.

So my mom was kind enough to bring a new one out for me when she flew over.

We had some nice weather yesterday so I decided to take Josh and try the new camera out.

It’s not as great as my old one in my opinion, but I may just be set in my ways.

We went to a common, which is almost like a park back in America but just several acres of forest here in England, and went for a long walk.



I really don’t understand how more people don’t get lost in commons. Josh and I would walk for an hour or so without seeing another person. You may laugh, but it reminds me of something out of the Hunger Games.

We eventually found our way to a meadow where I took some cute photos of Josh playing around in the flowers.






Josh loves his “walks” so am sure we will be going again when Grandma gets here.

You’ve been warned Mom!


5 responses to “Over The River And Through The Woods

  1. Promise mom that you’ll take lots of pictures of her walking with her grandson, and I’m sure she’ll be happy to go along! These photos turned out great, by the way!

    • Thank you Robin. It was such a beautiful setting in the meadow which makes it easy. Unfortunately, my mom is one of those types who hates her picture being taken so I may have to be sneaky! I’ve been thinking about you because we are going to go to Germany for a bit. I’ve never been but I’m really excited to go; I imagine it will be lovely there this time of year. I hope your week is going well! 🙂

      • Thanks, Kerry! Where in Germnay are you going? Do tell! You’re right–this is a very pleasant time of year to visit.

      • I wish I knew more! My mom loves planning trips and has planned this one. We are driving over, I think eventually ending up somewhere down by Neuschwanstein Castle and then back up. It’s going to be a lot of driving though… not sure how Josh will cope but oh well.

      • Wow! That’s one way to see Europe 🙂 I’ll bet it will be a scenic drive. Bavaria is beautiful, and Neuschwanstein is a fun destination. You’ll have a great time, I’m sure!

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