Europe In A Day


We’ve made it.

Well… sort of.

We left early this morning for Germany.

Via France, Brussels, and the Netherlands.

And all in one day.

So while we aren’t in Germany yet, we’ve packed quite a bit in for one day. But I suppose that’s one of the things that is so wonderful about living in Europe. You are never more than a few hours drive from another country.

We boarded the euro tunnel early this morning and Josh was very excited to be going on a train.



Can you see the excitement in their faces there in the backseat?

It was really cute.

Until we realised several minutes into the crossing that there was no air conditioning on the train.

And we weren’t allowed to turn our car on.

There was no air or breeze or any relief whatsoever.

And so we sat, inside what felt like a cattle car, baking away in the 90 something degree heat.



Thankfully that was over in about 30 minutes or so and we got off the train and drove through France and into Belgium, where we stopped in Ieper for lunch.

It was a lovely little town and we really enjoyed walking around the city centre.



Josh had been such a good boy on the drive, we thought he had earned some ice cream.

That and we wanted an excuse to get some too.




We then got back on the road, driving through downtown Brussels, which was a huge mistake.

I don’t know if anyone has any experience with driving over in Europe, but I’ve spent my whole life driving in LA which is notorious for bad drivers, and I couldn’t believe how aggressive drivers are here in Belgium.

Is that just me?


We eventually made it out of the traffic and into the Netherlands where we are staying before finally reaching Germany tomorrow.



Until then…

Goede nacht.

4 responses to “Europe In A Day

  1. We loved riding on the trains–but we never did it in a car! Too bad about the air. You’re covering a lot of ground! Enjoy the journey. 🙂

    • Thanks Robin! We did trains too back when we were young and baby free but it is easier to keep all his stuff (ie travel cot) in the back of the car. Perhaps when he’s a bit older we can go back to trains!

  2. More aggressive than LA drivers?! They just closed off the Wilshire exit on the 405 so I’m willing to bet we’re back up there to being the most aggro-drivers 😉

    In other news though, I’m so jealous you guys get to live in Europe and see all these amazing places. I swear one day when the kiddo is older or maybe when we have a good excuse to travel abroad, I’d love to see all the grand things in Europe.

    • That reminds me of just recently when they shut the 405 to work on a bridge and it was “carmageddon!” So funny!

      You will have plenty of time to visit Europe when your little one is older and can actually appreciate it. I think it’s a lot easier when they’re older and it’s a shame because I don’t really know how much of this Josh will actually remember, if any of it. At least he’ll have some nice photos to look at! 🙂

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