Thunderstorms and Sauerkraut


When we started on our trip, I told myself I was going to be good and post something everyday, if only to help me remember all that we saw.

Well, here we are, several days into the trip and I only wrote on the first day.

And the pictures are piling up.


I’ll do my best to remember.

Yesterday, we were in Heidelberg for most of the day, spending the better part of the morning exploring the castle, the view from which was beautiful.


Since we’ve been here, I’ve been mainly taking photos with my nice DSLR camera, the photos of which I will have to upload later. But it has been handy having the iPhone around to snap some pictures; when I actually remember it’s there.

We eventually ended up in Rothenburg (ob der Tauber) yesterday, which has been my favourite place so far. Tim says it reminds him of a “land” at Disneyland, with all the old houses.


It is a beautiful medieval city, with walls which go all the way around the city. We ended up doing this walk yesterday afternoon, and despite the heat, there really were some beautiful views.




In between all the sightseeing and thunderstorms, we are doing our best to try some German food; or rather Tim is.


To be fair, I did have a bite of the sauerkraut; it’s not so bad.

4 responses to “Thunderstorms and Sauerkraut

  1. You don’t want to spend your trip in the hotel room hooked up to the wireless!! Enjoy yourself, see as much as possible, no one remembers their time on the wifi fondly when travelling. I’m sure your great photos will help jog your memory!

  2. Just take the photos, dear, and save the posts for later! Enjoy all those lovely sights–you’re off to a great start. 🙂
    p.s. I often had breakfast at our local cafe with a friend of mine while living there, and I remember being served sauerkraut (or something like it) with eggs. I actually got used to it!

    • It’s so funny what you will adapt to living in another country. I guess I’ve gotten used to having no ice in drinks, but having my mom here has made me remember the “horrors” of no ice as she struggles to ask “mit Eis bitte!” only to get one half melted cube 🙂

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