A Day For Castles


We have been in Germany for several days now and have headed south to Bavaria.

It really is beautiful here; green forests and fields full of cows.

We even managed to eat some white sausage tonight for dinner, which apparently is a traditional Bavarian dish.


But today was a day for castles.

In the morning, we drove to Schloss Linderhof, the smallest of the three castles built by King Ludwig II.


Using Versailles as it’s inspiration, it was a beautiful palace with lovely grounds to walk around in.

Josh especially enjoyed watching the fountain which would go off periodically.


We went back to the hotel to let Josh rest for a bit.


I do feel bad sometimes, dragging our not even two year old, on these tours. But he has been exceptionally good, either listening or pointing out animals he knows in the paintings, etc.

I don’t think we’ve seen any other children Josh’s age on these tours, though perhaps their parents are a bit more sane than us.

I think it also helps to always have a granola bar handy.

After his nap we made our way to Neuschwanstein Castle.


We weren’t lucky weather wise and they are doing work on the castle so there was scaffolding covering a large portion, but it still was a sight which took your breath away.

It really was beautiful.

I think the most stunning view is from the bridge behind the castle, where I took the above picture from. Not for those who are afraid of heights, but if you can manage it, it was definitely worth it.

My knowledge of the castle is similar to what I imagine every Californian’s is: the castle they based the one at Disneyland on.

And at times while I felt like I could have been at Disneyland, for example the crowds and huge mark-ups on pretzels,


I am so glad I was able to see the real thing.

I think Josh enjoyed himself too.

I love this photo of him staring up at how tall the castle is.


He had been such a good boy, we just couldn’t resist getting him a little souvenir from the castle; a swan.


3 responses to “A Day For Castles

  1. No guilt allowed on this trip, Kerry! Josh will have fine photos and all the stories that go with them to look back on–and he’ll love it.
    I never did eat that white sausage.

    • My parental guilt was easily outweighed by my desire to see the sights so Josh really is out of luck! 🙂

      I made the mistake of looking up what is actually in the white sausages AFTER having eaten some…
      I don’t think we’ll be doing that again anytime soon.

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