Train Birthday Party


Happy Birthday Josh!

Well, about a month early anyways.

We are back from Germany and had wanted to celebrate Josh’s second birthday while my mom was still here. We planned to have a BBQ, but with the weather yesterday promising a months worth of rain in a day, it didn’t seem like the best of ideas.

We went back and forth many times and Tim finally decided to just go ahead and have the party anyways.

I’m glad he did.

We really lucked out weather wise and while it wasn’t exactly warm, it didn’t rain during the party and Tim managed to BBQ and all the kids were able to play outside.



The “theme” was, of course, trains, and I tried my hand at decorating a cake with fondant icing.


I couldn’t believe how difficult it was. By the time I finished just putting the fondant icing on the cake an hour had already gone by, so I gave up and just stuck one of Josh’s toy trains on the cake stand.

It didn’t seem to bother Josh at all.

I have a new found respect for anyone who can decorate cakes with fondant icing.

My train cookies turned out a bit better though so all wasn’t completely lost.


Josh especially enjoyed them.

I saw him sneak another cookie when someone put their plate on the ground.


I think all the kids had a nice time though. There were trains to ride on and train whistle favours at the end.



One of my favourite things was a little photo collage we put up, using about 20 or so of our favourite photos of Josh from this last year.


We picked out some of our favourites of Josh and placed them chronologically, using an arch in our house.

It was a lovely way to see how he’s grown and changed this year.

The year seems to just fly by, so it’s nice to have that visual reminder.

And of course, to reminisce about what a wonderful year it has been.


5 responses to “Train Birthday Party

  1. Wow, props to you for even making that cake and cookies! While I like to bake cookies, I haven’t actually tried any nicely decorated desserts. Happy (advanced) birthday to your little guy! That’s a great photo of him and Tim.

    • Thanks Nina! I love baking too so the cookies were fun to do but I just didn’t understand how to put the rolled fondant on the cake. Was even talking about it with a friend today who had my same bad experience, so I think we’ll just stick to plain old icing next time!

  2. Happy Birthday to Josh! It seems like it was a perfect party, and I’m so glad that the weather cooperated. The fondant cake looks terrific with Josh’s train around it, and your train cookies are fantastic. I LOVE the “thank choo choo for coming”! I’ll bet you impressed all the moms with your cleverness. 😉 Josh looks delighted, and that’s the best thing of all. Well done!

    • Thanks Robin! It was a lot of fun, and while I’m sure the other mom’s thought it was cute, it’s always all for Josh! He adored all the trains on everything which was great fun! I’m still secretly hoping he can move onto a new obsession sooner or later though as I’m getting a bit bored of playing trains all day! 😉

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