A Cornish Adventure


It seems as if the travel bug is still with us.

My mom and I left yesterday and drove down to Cornwall.

This is no easy feat as it takes something like five hours to get down here, but Josh, as usual, was quite the trooper and one long car ride later, we are here, exploring Cornwall for a few days.

This also marks my first big solo (i.e. no Tim) driving adventure in the UK, which I’m pretty excited about. I mean, if I can drive without Tim’s help to Cornwall, how much more difficult can it be to drive to Europe?!

Look out continental Europe!


We got up today and drove out to St. Michael’s Mount, only to find that it isn’t open on Saturdays.


So we had to settle on walking along the beach and taking pictures from afar. I’m not sure whether we’ll go back and give it another try. I guess we’ll just play it by ear.

We ended up in Penzance for lunch, which was a nice little town along the ocean, though I didn’t see any sandy beaches.

Mostly harbour.



By the time we made it out to Land’s End, the rain had cleared, there were wide open trails to hike on and the sun was even trying to make an appearance.


The only thing was, Josh had fallen asleep.


So I did what any good mother would do and woke him up, put him in the backpack and off we went.



Don’t worry; my little explorer loved it.


4 responses to “A Cornish Adventure

  1. well done on the driving! your photos are fab

    • Thank you! I don’t know what I would do without satnav; probably sit in the car covered in maps and cry! Had a look at your blog and your photos are great!! 🙂

  2. I LOVED St Michael’s Mount – had my first scone there – and think it’s still the best one ever. Also took some great pictures – WONDERFUL place, hope you can get back there. Sue

    • Sue we didn’t end up going back there today! I keep seeing signs for Scones with Cornish cream! Even if we don’t see the castle, we probably need to at least eat a scone before we go back! I’m sure my mom would agree! 🙂

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