Olympic Countdown


Tim was kind enough to look after Josh so my mom and I could have a day out before she heads home.

We decided to stay in London and try and have a peek at the Olympic Village.

We ended up having such a wonderful time today.

The morning was spent wandering around Covent Garden, which was all decked out and ready for the Olympics, which are only three days away now!


I don’t know if lots of people have taken off or gotten out of town or what, but London definently has a different vibe.

In fact, it seemed almost deserted at times.

When I told this to Tim, he said it’s the calm before the storm.


Maybe he’s right, but either way, my mom and I took full advantage of this calm and had a great lunch at Wahaca, which is easily the best Mexican restaurant I’ve been to in London.


The really don’t do Mexican food all that well here in the UK.

After lunch, we took the tube out to Stratford and the Olympic Village.


There were various places to “view” the stadium from.



And plenty of souvenirs to buy.


The place is massive, and is attached to a huge Westfield Shopping Centre, complete with lots of restaurants, which, as an American, always makes me happy.

We decided to just have a drink and sit out along the promenade and people watch.

We saw so many people from all over the world, all wearing their official looking badges and various team colours. We couldn’t tell whether they were athletes or coaches or family members, but it was really an amazing experience to sit and watch all the excitement.

I’m so glad we decided to do that and it really makes me excited to go back to see the swimming there.

What an incredible experience that will be.

We got back on the tube and finished up the day with a bit of cycling through Hyde Park using the rental bikes.



Who knew it was so difficult take pictures and ride a bike at the same time.

Back at home, Tim took Josh to get his first real haircut.


I guess Josh just wants to look his best for the Olympics.

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  1. Great post, Kerry. And…here comes the storm!

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