A Very Olympic Day


My mom flew back to California this morning.

It was so wonderful having her here and I can’t believe how many things we saw/did while she was over; I’m exhausted!

Her last day here in the UK was a very Olympic one.

On Tuesday morning, my mom and I went to Eton Dorney to watch the rowing. My mom has been a big fan of rowing ever since my sister rowed for UCLA, so I was really glad we were able to get these tickets.


We made our way to Windsor and boarded the free shuttle to the venue.



From the shuttle drop off, it was about a fifteen minute walk through some fields to the lake.

Along the way, we passed some of the food stalls and noticed that at 9am, the longest line was for this tent.


Nothing quite says says British breakfast like “pork, gammon, and beef.”

We decided not to try any gammon and made our way to our wet seats, which we dried off with napkins, and then tried to stay warm under our huge American flag.



We ended up really lucky as it was supposed to pour that day, but thankfully the rain stayed away until the very last race.



After rowing, we went back home, picked up Tim and Josh and headed right back out to watch the women’s soccer teams of Great Britain vs Brazil at Wembley Stadium.



I had been really worried about how Josh might handle all the people, noise and excitement, but I needn’t have worried. He was so well behaved and loved watching the football game; and what a first game for him to watch!




Britain scored within the first few minutes and won the game. The crowd really was loving it.


We had such a fun time at the game it really was a wonderful ending to my mom’s trip.


Thank you again for coming out Mom and have a safe flight home!

2 responses to “A Very Olympic Day

  1. Oh, I’m smiling at this wonderful post and your wonderful Olympic day. I’m glad that your mother was able to stay for such a long visit, Kerry, and that it was such a terrific one.

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