Beach Volleyball London Style


Tim and I continue our whirlwind tour of Olympic venues and we were lucky to be able to go and see the beach volleyball on Friday night at Horse Guards Parade, right down the street from Buckingham Palace.


It is a beautiful venue, next to Downing Street (how does David Cameron sleep at night?) and the crowd on Friday night didn’t disappoint.

I started chatting to one British lady in line for the bathrooms who excitedly squealed “it’s like you’re at a party with 15,000 people you don’t know!”

There was beach volleyball.

Men’s Spain vs Brazil.



Women’s Austria vs Russia.


Inflatable Uncle Sam’s being tossed around in the crowd.


And scantily clad men and women dancing during the time outs.


You might have almost mistaken it for America.


Until on the walk home, we saw this.



London really is so beautiful at night.

2 responses to “Beach Volleyball London Style

  1. Especially when it’s all decked out for the Olympics. Glad you’re having such a blast. Great post.

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