Happy Birthday Joshua


Today is Josh’s Birthday.

I know everyone says it, but where has the time gone?

Having already celebrated his birthday while my mom was here, we didn’t do anything special today, other than attempt a little photo shoot that didn’t turn out very well.

I’ve seen some really cute ideas for birthday photos where every year the child holds the number of balloons that they are turning. I think I’ve even seen them done for monthly baby photos.

Either way, the children in the photos always appear to be standing still and holding their balloons nicely by their side.

That didn’t happen with Josh.


So I chased him around the garden, watching him tangle himself up in the balloons.


He had a blast with those balloons.

And the pictures will be just fine in the end; a fun memory.

This boy just does not sit still.

Except for cake.


For cake, he’ll sit still.



I love you more than words can describe.

Happy Birthday my dearest Joshua!

3 responses to “Happy Birthday Joshua

  1. He’s the life of the party! Of COURSE he shouldn’t sit still!

  2. Happy birthday to little Josh! Such a big boy already. He looks like he had a ton of fun.

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