Men’s Indoor Volleyball


On Monday night, Tim and I were able to go to Earl’s Court where we watched the men’s USA team beat Tunisia.

During the Olympics, I have been lucky enough to see many individuals compete for the US, namely in rowing and swimming.

But there’s just something different about watching a team sport.

Especially when they are representing your country; and especially when they win.

I am so grateful that Josh’s Godmother, Lucy, was able to watch Josh while we were out. She is honestly the best Godmother ever and Josh is so lucky to have her in his life. It sounded like they had a great time too and he was thoroughly spoiled while he was there!

Thank you again Lucy!

Tim and I had a quick dinner and walked through some typically London little streets to get to Earls Court.



The game had already started when we got there so we took our seats, in lucky row 13, and really enjoyed watching the game.



The only thing that bothered me was that far more of the British fans were cheering for Tunisia. It didn’t feel like there were very many US supporters there and I asked Tim why they would cheer for Tunisia over the USA.

He said that Britons like to root for the underdog.

I told Tim I’ll remember that next time Britain is playing another country. . .

But Tim helped me hold my flag and cheer for the US, so all in all it was a fun night.


And did I mention they won?

And that they are first in their group?



Go USA and good luck on Wednesday.

2 responses to “Men’s Indoor Volleyball

  1. Thanks for being the cheering section for our team!

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