Keeping A Promise


Remember that birthday promise I made to Tim and Josh all of about, oh, three days ago?

Well, today I almost broke it.

It was a bank holiday here in England, which means Tim had the day off. Knowing how much I love the ocean, he looked up a beach (with sand; not rocks) for us to go to today.

Too bad the weather hadn’t gotten the memo that it was a holiday today.

It was so cold.


This is the view through the windshield of our car as I sat in the car, refusing to get out and go down to the beach.

I didn’t say I was proud of myself.

It was just so cold.

And then I remembered my promise.

That stupid promise.

And so, I got out of the car and went down to join Tim and Josh on the beach.


There I am.

Can you see me under my three layers and huge winter jacket?

Proud of myself for even getting out of the car, I sat and watched Tim and Josh play in the sand.



They were having so much fun, it eventually convinced me to join in too.

Josh and I even went for a walk down in the water.


We had so much fun jumping and splashing around.



It was completely worth the cold and rain, getting to splash around with Josh today.

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