Another Round

20120906-190451.jpgTwo golf posts in a row?

I know.

We just had so much fun with Josh the other week at the golf club, we decided to see if he could handle a bit more.
He can.

Tim had a late start at work, so we were all up early today and on the golf course.

Well, not a real golf course, but a little one with only 9 holes.

Still though, it’s quite a walk for a two year old and even the couple playing behind us commented “he’s doing well keeping up. He’ll sleep well tonight!” in their chirpy British accents.


I didn’t bring my camera, so as usual, I just used my iPhone to capture of few shots of Josh and Tim playing.

Didn’t I say last week it would be the first of many?

I knew it…

Either way, Josh seemed to enjoy it just as much as the last time, even if he did take the golf ball and dribble it around like a football for a while.

He also insisted that his two friends come along for the ride.

In Daddy’s golf bag of course.

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