Little Book of ABCs


I am so excited with the results of this project, I just had to share.

I had seen the idea for alphabet books on pinterest, specifically here, at Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Basically, the idea is to use photos of items from around your house to make a personalised photo book for your child.

It sounded like a wonderful idea and I thought with the amount of photos I take of Josh, it would be a breeze.

I was wrong.

It took several days to go through all my photos, desperately searching for any photo which might have some tenuous link to a letter of the alphabet.

On several occasions, I gave up and just took new photos. I remember walking around the house on one occasion mumbling “Q? What the heck starts with Q?!”

I eventually found something.

Who knew living in England would come in so handy?

Josh adores the book though, which makes it all so worth while! When we read it out, I will say “A is for…” to which he shouts out “animals!” with a big grin on his face.

Here are a few of my favourite pages.




And this is Josh’s favourite page.

Last night, we never got any further than this page, as Josh went into immense detail about what colour jelly beans he wanted to eat and refused to let me turn the page, content to just stare and talk about jelly beans all night.

That’s my boy!


14 responses to “Little Book of ABCs

  1. I think this is adorable! I love it, Ker!

    a vintage chair rental company serving colorado

    • Do you know how excited I got seeing your blog?! I thought I had just imagined you saying you were going to have a website! So awesome!! It’s so classy looking!

  2. Thanks, Kerry. I’m trying to live the dream. I may pick your brain for craftyness stuff. Actually – I need to follow you on pinterest. I love your ideas.

    • If anyone can do it, it’s you Nancy! I’ve always said (and will keep saying) you need to do some sort of workshop for people like me who want to learn how to use tools to build all the beautiful pieces you do! I am in complete awe of you! I think the chairs are a wonderful place to start though. When we were at that wedding this summer, he bride had gone around and collected vintage plates for the reception. Tim thought it was insane but I thought there are so many women who would pay to rent those plates out for their wedding, including me! It’s a wonderful idea! This wedding even had couches and old arm chairs sitting around next to bales of hay! Very rustic! 🙂

  3. yay! I’m trying to collect a couple great vintage pieces such as tufted arm chairs and couches at the moment. I love them.

    • It did look really cute all thrown together like that with the vintage chairs and sofas. I bet after you use them at your wedding you’ll have loads of cute photos to put up on the site!

  4. exactly .. we’re doing a style shoot with some wedding photographers in 2 weeks. I wish you were here to be the photographer! I love your photos.

  5. ahh this is actually really cute, I like

  6. This is such a great idea! I’m now almost done my own alphabet book for my daughter’s Christmas present. We speak French and English at home so my book is bilingual and it was hard to find some items that started with each letter in both languages, but we managed. I took a picture with her and each object (all things we had around the house…except the helicopter we took at g-pa’s workplace and the toy iguana I bought at the dollar store). Thought I’d share my list for your readers who may want to attempt this project and need some inspiration for certain letters (and Q is a tough one!) Here’s my alphabet list:

    A – airplane (avion)
    B – bubbles (bulles)
    C – caterpillar (chenille)
    D – dice (dés)
    E – elephant (éléphant)
    F – flower (fleur)
    G – giraffe (girafe)
    H – helicopter (hélicoptère)
    I – iguana (iguane)
    J – jeans
    K – koala
    L – lamp (lampe)
    M – Minnie Mouse
    N – navel (nombril)
    O – organ (orgue)
    P – patents
    Q – q-tips
    R – red (rouge)
    S – smile (sourire)
    T – toque (tuque)
    U – utensils (ustensiles)
    V – vase
    W – Winnie the Pooh (Winnie l’Ourson)
    X – xylophone
    Y – yoyo
    Z – zebra (zèbre)

    • Jo, what a wonderful idea to use French and English! As difficult as it was in just English, I can’t imagine how long it took you to do two languages! You must be incredibly talented and what a special Christmas gift for your daughter! She will absolutely treasure her book for many years to come!

      Thank you so much for sharing with me! 🙂

  7. What website did you use to make your ABC photobook?

    • Hi Jen. I used photoshop to put the words on the photos and then used Shutterfly to print the book. They usually seem to have some sale or another going on and I think the book worked out coming in around $20. Hope that helps! 🙂

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