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London’s World Famous Sea Life


Last week, Josh and I made our first trip to the London Aquarium.

I have been to every touristy place in London; multiple times.

But I had never been to the aquarium, which, every time I pass by it, is packed with tourists.

It just seemed so weird to me that tourists, coming to London, would take the time to go and visit an aquarium.

Is London known for it’s sea life?

No. They do castles here.

Castles and old places.

So I was a bit skeptical about going, but I felt that as a good mother, Josh should learn a bit more about fish, other than they come out of boxes in the freezer as fish sticks, or fish fingers if you’re British.

So we went.

And he loved it.


He had so much fun running around and seeing all the fish.

And turtles.

And penguins.

He loved the penguins.



The sharks…

Not so much.

After the scare of the sharks, Josh spent most of the time, pulling my hand and dragging me toward the exit, waving “bye bye” to all the fish, saying “we go now.”

At least he was polite, telling them we were leaving.

I think the fish were sad to see him leave though.

I mean, I swear this fish looks like it’s smiling at Josh.


This fish must be from America.


DIY Bunting Cards


I feel as if I’ve been posting so many outings lately, I should attempt to even things out with a quick project I did the other night.

My Grandma’s birthday is coming up, and as all my family knows, I love to pass Josh’s “artwork” off as cards.

Well, as much as I wanted to get Josh to make a card for his Great Grandma, I decided maybe I should give her a break from Josh’s creations and make one myself.

I’m so glad I did.

I had seen cards for sale like this on Etsy and thought it wouldn’t be too hard to make my own; though I’m sure they’re nowhere near as professional looking as the ones I found on Etsy.

But they were very easy to make.

I cut out some triangles from bits of coloured paper.


Then, using a pack of blank cards I had on hand, I glued just the top of the triangles to the front of the card, mimicking the shape of hanging bunting.


Then, I got my sewing machine out and sewed a quick little line at the top of the bunting, to look like the string.



I got my letter stamps out and got to work.

I had heard a trick about wrapping a rubber band around the letters to keep them all in line, which worked wonderfully.


I finished my Grandma’s card and had all the supplies out, so I figured I should make some thank you cards too.


I thought they turned out pretty cute, so I ended up making more than a few.


I made so many, poor Josh may be out of a job.

Though I’m sure he’ll have no problem finding other things to paint!

Landscapes and Service Stations


This weekend, despite the rainy weather, we decided to get out and explore a bit more.

England is full of these gardens/parks/etc. where people pay money to go in and walk around enjoying nature for a few hours.

Usually in the rain.

You can see then, how as a Californian, it took a while for me to get used to this idea of paying money to go walk around in a forest, cold, wet and miserable.

But Josh seems to enjoy it and it gives me a chance to play around with my camera, so there you have it.

On Saturday, we went to Painshill Park, an 18th century English landscape park.

There were lots of beautiful landscapes.





And, unfortunately, lots of rain.



I might have been disappointed if that had been the main reason we had gone.

But it wasn’t.

We had heard that there was a Mexican place to eat at in a motorway service station on the way to Painshill Park.

For all of you back in America who don’t know what a motorway service station is, think of those truck stops we have along the freeway, out in the middle of nowhere, where people stop to use the restroom.

That’s it.

That’s where we ate for lunch.

But what a lunch it was!

There is little to no Mexican food in England, and here, at this motorway service station, was something straight out of Chipotle.



They even had churros!


It’s not weird to eat at a service station several times a week, right?


In Search of Fall


Fall is here; though honestly I think it’s been here in the UK since August.

Since I am trying to enjoy life in Blighty and embrace the changing of the seasons (i.e. cold to colder), the other day Josh and I decided to go in search of some fall colour.

20121010-192348.jpgWe ended up going to an arboretum, something which I am ashamed to admit, I had never heard of. “A garden for trees? Must be a British thing!” I laughed.

Turns out they have them in California too.

Which makes me really curious what they look like in the fall.

Do palm trees change colour?

Between the rain and the cold, we wandered around and as you can see, some of the trees are starting to change colour. I can only imagine how lovely it will look once they all turn.

20121010-192726.jpgWe recently bought Josh his first pair of proper fitting wellies; a defining moment in every British child’s life.

He wasn’t too sure about them.

He came around eventually though.


20121010-193318.jpgWe actually had more fun then I thought we would, just wandering around the place for a few hours, taking photos and splashing in puddles.

20121010-193510.jpgI even managed to get a photo of myself and Josh, which, even though it’s not great, I am determined to take more photos with me actually in them after reading this wonderful article called The Mom Stays in the Picture.

20121010-194035.jpgHappy Fall everyone!

A Little Bit of Barcelona in London

20121003-160808.jpgMy family is very close.

Insanely close.

We all grew up living about five minutes from one another and it was amazing.

Imagine how happy I was then, when I found out my cousin would be moving to Barcelona for a year.

And imagine how happy I was this last weekend, when she came to London to visit.
20121003-161004.jpgTurns out Josh was pretty happy too.

It was the best experience, seeing Josh run to her and jump into her outstretched arms for a big hug.

He sure loves his Aunt Laura.

We had so much fun this weekend, showing them around London and taking in some of the sights.


20121003-161516.jpg I told Laura having her here made it almost feel like home…

If only for a weekend.

20121003-161922.jpgCome back and visit soon Laura.

20121003-162237.jpgWe’re missing you already!