DIY Bunting Cards


I feel as if I’ve been posting so many outings lately, I should attempt to even things out with a quick project I did the other night.

My Grandma’s birthday is coming up, and as all my family knows, I love to pass Josh’s “artwork” off as cards.

Well, as much as I wanted to get Josh to make a card for his Great Grandma, I decided maybe I should give her a break from Josh’s creations and make one myself.

I’m so glad I did.

I had seen cards for sale like this on Etsy and thought it wouldn’t be too hard to make my own; though I’m sure they’re nowhere near as professional looking as the ones I found on Etsy.

But they were very easy to make.

I cut out some triangles from bits of coloured paper.


Then, using a pack of blank cards I had on hand, I glued just the top of the triangles to the front of the card, mimicking the shape of hanging bunting.


Then, I got my sewing machine out and sewed a quick little line at the top of the bunting, to look like the string.



I got my letter stamps out and got to work.

I had heard a trick about wrapping a rubber band around the letters to keep them all in line, which worked wonderfully.


I finished my Grandma’s card and had all the supplies out, so I figured I should make some thank you cards too.


I thought they turned out pretty cute, so I ended up making more than a few.


I made so many, poor Josh may be out of a job.

Though I’m sure he’ll have no problem finding other things to paint!


6 responses to “DIY Bunting Cards

  1. Hi. It’s such a really lovely project, I’d like to try it with my 5-year old. Would it be ok to include your post on my very new fresh faced blog… So I can update with our progress? Thanks so much. Sian xo

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  3. Here it is… Now a good reason for me start my PR campaign! Thank you. Xo

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