London’s World Famous Sea Life


Last week, Josh and I made our first trip to the London Aquarium.

I have been to every touristy place in London; multiple times.

But I had never been to the aquarium, which, every time I pass by it, is packed with tourists.

It just seemed so weird to me that tourists, coming to London, would take the time to go and visit an aquarium.

Is London known for it’s sea life?

No. They do castles here.

Castles and old places.

So I was a bit skeptical about going, but I felt that as a good mother, Josh should learn a bit more about fish, other than they come out of boxes in the freezer as fish sticks, or fish fingers if you’re British.

So we went.

And he loved it.


He had so much fun running around and seeing all the fish.

And turtles.

And penguins.

He loved the penguins.



The sharks…

Not so much.

After the scare of the sharks, Josh spent most of the time, pulling my hand and dragging me toward the exit, waving “bye bye” to all the fish, saying “we go now.”

At least he was polite, telling them we were leaving.

I think the fish were sad to see him leave though.

I mean, I swear this fish looks like it’s smiling at Josh.


This fish must be from America.

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