Autumn Leaves


Last weekend, it was just the right freezing crisp conditions that made all the fall colours really stand out.

We took advantage of this by pushing Josh in as many piles of leaves as we could find.


Thankfully, he didn’t seem to mind too much.

In fact, he loved playing in the leaves, gathering up as many as he could hold and throwing them up in the air.


I think he especially enjoyed it when Mommy joined in and we threw leaves at eachother.

Now that’s something I can’t remember getting to do in California.

We were probably too busy going to the beach…

2 responses to “Autumn Leaves

  1. Truly beautiful photographs, it’s nice to see children playing outdoors and embracing the changes of the seasons. I think it proves the the bias is ours, people are so pampered and detached from the real world that they are afraid of the cold or getting dirty. But children see the magic of the outdoors and natures cycle. It saddens me that the approach of winter is met with such disdain. All children and adults should make the effort to go outside and play and be thankful of our temperate climate. Particularly in light of what’s happening elsewhere.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Chris what a lovely comment and you are so right. I know I myself am often times guilty of not taking Josh to play outside as much as I think he should. It really has helped though, getting a bit more into photography, as I find that now I’m the one bundling him up to go out, as I’m anxious to take some photos! And you’re right about the weather; I’ll take crisp over rainy any day! 🙂

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