My name is Kerry. Born and raised in California, six years ago I met and married Tim, a wonderful man…despite his being British! We have a beautiful son, Joshua, and live here in England.

I am still getting accustomed to life here on the other side of the “pond.” Even after six years, I still feel like an outsider. And while I am getting better at driving on the other side of the road and waiting patiently in queues, there are some things I will never do, like drink tea.

I started a blog before Josh was even born, found here at The Tylers. It was a way for me to document his life and share it with all our friends and family scattered all over the world. Grandma couldn’t get enough photos of her first grandson!

Now that I have an iPhone (how did I ever live without one before?!), it is much easier to take photos of our life here in England and share them with everyone. I hope also that Josh will enjoy looking back on this blog when he’s older and maybe even share it with his children someday.

All our love…



9 responses to “About

  1. It’s a wonderful idea to chronicle your life and your impressions for the future–your children will appreciate it, and you will, too!

  2. Very warm feeling through the lines, and very beautiful photos, really enjoyed it.! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great Family……I love THE creativity on this site !!! Compliment!!!

  4. Ah, a blog after my own heart! I too am a Californian living (primarily) in England! Oh, the lack of Mexican food… 🙂 Your family is beautiful and I love reading about your adventures. If you venture into London, go eat at Benito’s Hat on Goodge St. I like it even better than Chipotle. Californians in England unite!

    • Marisa thank you so much, especially for the Mexican food tip! We always do Wahaca in Covent Garden but I am definitely going to need to try out Benito’s! So wonderful to hear from another Californian going through the same “adjustments!” 🙂

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